Darıca İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü tarafından Avrupa Birliği Hayat Boyu Öğrenme Programı Leonardo Da Vinci Ortaklık Projesi (FestEVET) başarıyla tamamlanmıştır.



Project title: Festival Entrepreneurship for VET

Project acronym: FestEVET

About the project:



Who:This partnership involves institutions providing vocational education, representatives of working life, non-profit organizations and bodies responsible for vocational education and training at a local level. The target group are the teachers, trainers and other staff of the institutions mentioned above who are interested in, or responsible for, organizing activities to improve the professional skills and competence of the participants.


What&How:This project will improve the quality and increase the volume of cooperation between institutions which are interested in organizing festivals and need a higher degree of professionalism. It is a recognized feature of the partners that working in collaboration with local employers and agencies can have benefits in the long term by creating sustainable employment opportunities to meet the demands of the labour market. In this project the competence and entrepreneurship of the target group will be improved through active involvement of each partner in peer learning, team building activities and workshops. Besides, participants will make observations and research good examples organised in partner countries. At the end of this project the participants will have prepared a guidebook about organizing festivals based on their work and experience gained in the project. Moreover, an international festival will be started in the country of the coordinator and participants from each part of Europe will be welcome to this festival. This partnership will go beyond this project and its results and products will be exploited.


When&Where:This project will start in September 2012 and ends in July 2014. In two years' time there will be flows to each partner to maintain the partnership and implement the project activities efficiently.




·         Directorate of Education in Darıca (Darıca Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü), Turkey

·         DBO - Department of Education Flanders, Belgium 

·         Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development - pro-competence- , Germany

·         Centro Machiavelli, Italy

·         Arte-Via Cooperativa Artistica e Editorial, CRL, Portugal

·         Studiefrämjandet, Sweden

·         Lancaster and Morecambe Collage, UK

·         Andalucía en Obra Social, Spain





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